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Hey guys! I had lunch yesterday with a missionary and as we talked he shared about this teaching. I am not a believere in the Jezebel spirit or the Absalom spirt. They are both dead and their spirt is in hell. However I think that people can devolop the same characteristics given simular situations. Would love some input so I can develop this into a teaching.


Ultimately, if not dealt with, the disloyalty that spreads through the congregation will bring a church split or the departure of many affected saints.
Here are the twelve stages:

1. AN INDEPENDENT SPIRIT – An attitude of independence emerges when the person no longer wants to serve the leadership but seeks recognition and a reputation.

2. SELF-PROMOTION – The person will maneuver for the praise of men. In II Samuel 15, Absalom stole the hearts of the people.

3. SPIRITUAL PRIDE – As people recognize and praise the deceived individual, he begins to believe that he is more spiritual than the leaders.

4. AN OFFENDED SPIRIT – The Absalom falls into an offended spirit because of spiritual pride. When his ideas and gifts are not promoted by the leadership as he believes they should be, he becomes highly offended. Often he will seek others that will agree with him in his offense.

5. A CRITICAL SPIRIT – Almost all the decisions of the leaders are questioned and undermined to the people. Sadly, with this critical spirit, the Absalom no longer can receive any spiritual feeding or direction from the leadership.

6. A COMPETITIVE SPIRIT – The Absalom sees himself in competition with the church leadership and begins to distort and misrepresent the decisions and directives the leaders are giving.

7. SOWING STRIFE AND DIVISION – The Absalom will take his offenses to many individuals in the church and spread his discontent through various means.

8. ACCUSING THE LEADERSHIP – The Absalom feeds his followers his critical spirit and faultfinding. Minor things, usually not related to God’s spiritual qualifications, will be made major issues, such as what kind of car the pastor drives, how long he takes to receive the offerings, etc.

9. OPEN DISLOYALTY AND DIVISION – The Absalom feels that many are following him so he boldly brings his disloyalty out into the open. At this point the leaders become aware of his discontented splinter group. Now the people are forced to make a choice between the leaders of the church and the Absalom who has deceived them.

10. A BOLD CONSPIRACY – The Absalom justifies his conspiracy to everyone by focusing their attention on all the minor issues that he has found fault with in the leadership. (Usually, the Absalom does not have legitimate accusations such as the preaching of false doctrines or blatant sin on the part of the pastors.)

11. A CHURCH SPLIT – The Absalom leads a naive splinter group out to the birth of a new church or ministry. Declare a new vision.

12. GOD’S JUDGMENT ON THE REBELLIOUS CHURCH – The scripture tells us, “if the root be evil, the whole tree will be evil,” and every church or ministry that is birthed by an Absalom spirit will be full of rebellion, disloyalty, and continual church splits

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