Sunday, May 27, 2012

Holy Ground

God told Joshua to take off his shoes bcause he was standing on holy ground. Which to my mind brings two questions: 1) Why take off shoes and 2) What makes it holy ground? The answers are related. God was there and what God touches is holy. Reverence is due to God when He is there.

The ground was holy before the shoes came off or the command to do so was given. Taking off the shoes didn't make it holy but reverence for what is holy is commanded. Where am I going with this? God is calling us into His presence and we need to respond to His invitation. God is ALREADY there and we need to acknowledge that fact with our actions.
Our action do not usher us into God's presence but God presence is there and we need to respond. Sometimes it takes a while for us to realize it. S Some times we mistake our actions as inviting God's presence into our mists when in fact God's presence is there waiting for us to appropriately respond.

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